Who is StartupTim?

StartupTim is an awesome person who loves giving stuff away for free!
He is also the FOUNDER + CEO of CPUCores.

StartupTim is giving away tons of things, all the time. These things range from free copies of his CPUCores software, to various games that go on sale from time to time.

StartupTim, StartupTimGiveaways1, StartupTimGiveaways2, StartupTimGiveaways3 are just some of his accounts used to give fun games and software away!

What is CPUCores?

CPUCores is a cutting-edge Windows based software built by gamers, specifically for gamers, with 1 thing in mind: INCREASE YOUR FPS! CPUCores does this by micromanaging your Windows OS and non-essential applications.

How does it work?

The CPUCores application identifies dozens of Windows programs, background processes, and non-gaming applications, and immediately controls and isolates them to a subsection of your total CPU resources.


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